Half Sleeve – The Process

Bigger tattoos take multiple sessions to complete. Each session is a progression, starting with line work and making its way through shading, background, and color, depending on the piece. Our client Jim came in for his first tattoo, a dragon half sleeve and we took a few videos of the progress of the piece. Rich Cahill and Jim wrapped up the half sleeve today and we were all excited to see the end result.

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Pagoda City Tattoo Fest


I always have a blast at Pagoda City Tattoo Fest and this year did not disappoint! It’s an incredible experience getting to work with so many talented artists and fun clients. The staff did a great job putting together the event and running everything. These are just a couple of the tattoos I did during the Tattoo Fest. I’m already looking forward to next year!



A cover up done by Rich Cahill at Pagoda City Tattoo Fest


First session of a dragon done by Rich Cahill at Pagoda City Tattoo Fest



Fall Tattoo Round Up / New Web Site!


I’ve been Pretty busy the last couple of months. Working on large and small projects. Im almost done with Two separate back pieces. I have a handful of sittings on Rich, who I’m tattooing a straight on view of a black and grey dragon. Then there is Nick . I started with a cover up of a wizard on Nick’s right shoulder then he wanted to go full back piece. Im stoked! One or two more sittings on this one and we are finished. I have to get photos of various tattoos from this year. So I will post them asap. Thanks to my brother Dave at Rivernet Computers for the much improved website.