Rich Cahill at Lucky Supply Tattoo Museum

Rich will be tattooing in Florida in February! He will be at Lucky Supply Tattoo Machine (3405 East Bay Drive, Largo, FL) Tuesday, February 6th at Wednesday, February 7th. If you are in the area and have been wanting to get something done by Rich, now is the time! Send an email via or to set something up while he is in the Sunshine State!

Guesting at Rising Tide Tattoo in Boulder CO this week!

I’m excited to be out here in the Boulder again to hang with my buddies Phil Bartell and Joel Long. I will be tattooing all week at Rising Tide. This is my second trip out here this year and it is always awesome! When I get back to Jersey I will be finishing the Dragon on Rich’s back. Here is the photo..enjoy!

Rich's Dragon

Fall Tattoo Round Up / New Web Site!


I’ve been Pretty busy the last couple of months. Working on large and small projects. Im almost done with Two separate back pieces. I have a handful of sittings on Rich, who I’m tattooing a straight on view of a black and grey dragon. Then there is Nick . I started with a cover up of a wizard on Nick’s right shoulder then he wanted to go full back piece. Im stoked! One or two more sittings on this one and we are finished. I have to get photos of various tattoos from this year. So I will post them asap. Thanks to my brother Dave at Rivernet Computers for the much improved website.